In the past year we have explored, developed and built the foundation of our company. Since our start we completed different challenging projects and started multiple partnerships. With the introduction of 'the office as a service' we set the criteria for a new approach towards working. In our approach the working environment is constantly challenged in terms of utilization (do we support the work the users perform?) and services (do we offer the right facilities?). As organizations are changing, the working environment adapts to their needs. 




Our ambition for the coming years is to become thought leader in circulair working environments. We are unique in the way we translate user centricity into fit for the future workplace concepts. In 2017-2018 we will launch two innovative tools that will extend our services:


  • WOW research lab: create a fit for the future workplace concept by only three simple modules for a fixed fee. The lab reduces project time and resources in the phase of concept design up to 80% and provides you with a tailored blueprint. The blueprint is modular which makes it easier to define the scope, in line with your organisation's ambitions. After completion our update service enables you to monitor utilization and services and guarantee our promise for a fit for the future workplace concept. 

  • Building Passport: the Building Passport is a tool that provides insight in the circular elements of buildings and furniture. The tool stimulates sustainable use and serves as a market place for supply and demand to support reuse. Yes, furniture as a service will not only become available for new products, but is soon supported for reuse of furniture.

Creating added value to an organisation by developing concepts and solutions that boost their performance and position as an employer of choice is what we are passionate about!


Interested in our vision or services? Invite us for a cup of coffee. We will bring the birthday cake :)

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