Breda University and WOW present Brightful. A joint project initiated to provide graduate students in International Facility Management the opportunity to discover and create innovations that will shape the future of Facility Management (FM) and the working environment.

​Brightful provides you the opportunity to do research on challenging industry topics within a variety of companies and organisations throughout The Netherlands. The results of your research will provide a strong basis to discover new patterns and relationships and create innovative and smart solutions. 

At the end of the project you will present your smart solution to a jury of senior managers from inside the FM industry. The best idea will be rewarded with one year of tuition fee (€2.083 - edition 2020)!

Get to know us and watch the introduction video (English subtitles available in video)


The workplace used to be the primary place for the execution of work. As technology enables people to work anytime and anywhere, a shift has taken place and the office has been developed into a workspace. Today’s office has become a place for social interaction. A place where people meet, work, co-create or simply relax. Facilitating today’s offices requires another approach towards work, both from a behavioral, IT and facilities perspective.

Our aim is to connect the working environment and its services to facilitate the needs and demands of the users in a flexible way. 

As a Brightful student you will create a smart solution that connects these elements. 


Smart solutions are connecting the key elements in a working environment: the user, the workplace and the facilitated services. We identify smart solutions based on desirability. They could either be a product/service that already exists or something we do not know at this moment. Desirability arises from the following three aspects:


  • Utility: does it provide functionality?

  • Usability:how does it interact with you?

  • Pleasurability:does it make you happy?

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Are you an innovative and creative person who is ready to develop its own smart solution for the market? Then it is you we are looking for.


The Brightful project starts with an extended research phase that provides you all the necessary input to design a smart solution. To successfully graduate at Breda University it is important that you find a challenging individual research topic, related to the 2020 Brightful theme (see theme information below). After a short period of desk research you will discover important information about your research topic and identify trends and developments. The output of this first study will provide you new input for a joint survey.


The Brightful survey is a research tool that will be created together with the other Brightful students. This joint survey will be used to collect data in multiple organisations and various industries to provide direction in your research. The output of the survey will provide you a large set fo data for further research along the project. The additional research methods - to finalise the research phase - can be chosen on an individual basis and in consultation with your graduation coach. 

After a period of data analysis you will be able to find interesting 'gaps' in the needs and demands of participants to your research. These gaps need to be used to create patterns and relationships in the data so you can use it for the design of a smart solution. That smart solution should finally contribute to the gaol of this year's project: "create a sustainable working environment". 

The design phase is an iterative phase which means that you will repeat the various steps in the design process to get better results. In this phase different workshops will be offered to you by senior lecturer in innovation, design and imagineering Geoff Marée. During the design phase you will learn about the principles of design and create your own smart solution. Next to that, WOW will also support you in the process of designing a smart solution. 

At the end of the project you will be ready to pitch your solution to a jury of partners from WOW and Breda University. The best idea will be rewarded with the Brightful award, worth one year of tuition fee: € 2.083 (edition 2020).



During the second edition of Brightful we will focus on creating smart solutions for a sustainable working environment. Less resources, less energy and less waste. Together with you (students) we will discover new and responsible choices for a lower footprint. The only way to do so is by uniting people and the environment. 

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Lecturer and Brightful ambassador Yoy Bergs will be available to provide guidance on writing your thesis during the Brightful projectFor any other support, the graduation coaches from Breda University are happy to help you. 


WOW will be present at the University every 1/2 weeks for a meet-up (depending on your needs). During the meetup we are available for all your questions and happy to support you with our knowledge and experience in the industry.

  • Full understanding of the English language in writing and speaking

  • Bachelor student in International Facility Management

  • Willing to do research at different locations in The Netherlands

  • Access to public transport during weekdays by means of a student card for public transport

Your Dna.png
  • You are an innovative and creative person

  • You have affinity with investigative abilities and are interested in design methodology

  • You are representative person, after all you are representing WOW

  • You are customer oriented, friendly and enthusiastic

  • You are professional and flexible 

  • You will be standing for many hours a day during the data collection. Therefore we are looking for candidates with a good physical condition

  • Creating patterns and relations with data requires basic knowledge about SPSS. 

  • Start: January 2020

  • End: June 2020